Saturday, February 10, 2018

Carowinds Updates on Construction Projects + Changes for 2018 Season

© Carowinds
Carowinds' opening day is March 24, and that is just around the corner!  The theme park has another large slate of projects underway for 2018, continuing their trend of major growth.

Up first, the park has announced that Flying Ace Aerial Chase (formerly Rugrats Runaway Reptar) is being painted the tan and blue color scheme seen above, and being renamed Kiddy Hawk.  The name is both a play on the ride being family-sized, and also the location of the first flight, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  The ride looks great!

Carowinds has also released another Kidcaster video update on Camp Snoopy, the park's totally renovated children's area.  Gone will be Planet Snoopy, and in its place will be a relaxing camp themed family area, complete with six new rides and attractions.  The park's Kidcaster has an update on how are the rides are coming along, several of which are currently being installed.

NBC Charlotte also recently visited Carowinds and filed this long video update on the park.  If you watch through the whole thing there are a few interesting tidbits, like the park confirming that the Woodstock Gliders, a set of Flying Scooters, won't return at the park until 2019 in a currently undisclosed location.  There's also lots of great footage inside the new Camp Snoopy, showing off the work at present.

© Carowinds
Last, but not least, Carowinds has also made major progress on relocating its Carousel out of what will now be Camp Snoopy and into its new home near Vortex.  A nice new pavilion has been built for the Carousel to reside in, and the park is taking the chance to totally redo the surrounding midways and planters as well.