Sunday, February 18, 2018

Alabama Splash Adventure Announces New Ride Package for 2018 Season

Alabama Splash Adventure previously announced a new waterpark addition for 2018, a large children's area with many spray-ground features along with several kiddie slides.  Costing more than $1 million, we all thought that would be the park's biggest addition for the year.  Remember, Alabama Splash Adventure is currently the little-park-that-could after all, slowly growing back from having been closed with all rides stripped and sold from its previous life.

Well, surprise!  The park just revealed a new rides package for 2018 that will see the amusement side of the park grow by 5 new rides, along with a new live entertainment show.

© Alabama Splash Adventure
The new rides announced will be suited for the whole family, but three of them will be a bit bigger than the flat rides currently offered by Alabama Splash Adventure.  One of them, seen above, is a classic YoYo ride, popular at many parks along with fairs.  There will also be two other amusement park staples added back to the ride lineup, a Scrambler and a Tilt-a-Whirl.  Both of these are go-to rides for parks everywhere, so it will be wonderful for Alabama Splash Adventure to feature them.

© Alabama Splash Adventure
That's not to say that little ones won't have anything new to look forward to, however.  The park will debut both a Rockin' Tug (pictured above), and also the Royal Express train ride.

Alabama Splash Adventure will be featuring new live entertainment this year as well, as it is constructing a High Dive show arena for guests.  Plus, the park is going to start to stay open for Halloween weekends as well, extending their season.

All of these additions are also covered in detail in the below video, from Alabama Splash Adventure.