Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ray Rush Coming Together at Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando is hard at work on a major new family water slide, named Ray Rush, which will be opening this summer.  The park has made some significant progress on the new slide in recent weeks, with pieces of the attraction now being carefully lifted into place.  Ray Rush will stand more than six stories tall and be highly visible from the park's entrance once it is completed.  The attraction will utilize large rafts that can seat several members of a family at once as they soar through 508 feet of slide.

© Aquatica
Ray Rush will have three distinct features for riders to plunge through, and one of them is this gigantic, 12,000 pound fiberglass sphere that the rafts will slide through.  The rafts will slide down into the sphere, then slide up the side of it before evening out and heading outward and onto the next element.  The sphere was just hoisted into place this past week.

© Aquatica
The slide will start with a master blaster feature that will send rafts launching out of the gates, after which they will move into the sphere we just saw.  The third large element is this manta-shaped open air half pipe that is currently being constructed.  The rafts will oscillate up and down the side of it before encountering a final enclosed section of twists and turns.

Aquatica Orlando has created this video update, showing the progress of the slide thus far.  Ray Rush will feature a 42 inch height requirement that will make the addition a thrilling slide for the family.  Check out more on Ray Rush directly from Aquatica Orlando.