Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Learn More About Time Traveler's Spin Mechanics from Silver Dollar City

© Silver Dollar City
Silver Dollar City has released a new Time Traveler update video, this time focusing on the new roller coaster's spinning cars and the mechanics behind them.  The video really goes into great detail to explain that while the coaster is of the spinning variety, it's a controlled spin that will be less disorienting than your average spinning coaster or ride.

Each vehicle has a magnetic braking system that controls how quickly the cars spin, an amount that has been decided upon and set by the park.  This way, Time Traveler will provide a ride experience that is still just as thrilling, but with less spin-sickness for riders.  That's probably some really great news to many who are a bit apprehensive about spinning coasters, due to the motion sickness factor (myself included).  Also, while they have never mentioned it that also means that the spin factor could be adjusted by the park for special events if they wanted, either extra spins or none at all.  Interesting possibilities.

Time Traveler has been designed and fabricated by Mack Rides, and features two separate launch sections along with a vertical plunge from 100 feet above the mountains.  The layout includes three different inversions along with plenty of twists and turns.  The ride is set to open this spring, not long from now!

Here's the video from Silver Dollar City explaining the mechanics behind the spinning cars: