Thursday, January 4, 2018

Worlds of Fun Reveals Ride Profile Changes for Timber Wolf Wood Coaster

© Worlds of Fun
Worlds of Fun has been giving some love to Timber Wolf over the past few seasons, replacing older track and aiming to make the wood coaster more enjoyable for guests.  Built in 1989, the ride was designed by Dinn Corporation and is one of only a handful of their designs that still operates.

For the 2018 season, the theme park just announced that they will be removing the ride's 560 degree helix and replacing it with a new, thrilling element.  That will be a high-speed 70 degree banked turn, seen in the upper left of the concept art above.

© Worlds of Fun
The approach to and from the new element appear to be staying the same, but the entire helix, which trains rattled through somewhat slowly, will be gone.  This new turn will bank at 70 degrees while only elevating slightly off the ground to preserve speed, and is being designed and constructed by Great Coasters International.

© Worlds of Fun
The original helix had trains moving upward through it, which made for a slow and bumpy ride up to the top.  Obviously the park had to decide whether trying to preserve the helix was worth it, and in the end this new highly banked speed turn looks like an awesome replacement choice.

© Worlds of Fun
Many have noted that the Timber Wolf looked like a great potential ride for a Rocky Mountain Construction conversion, like we've seen with many other wooden coasters, but at least for now it appears as though Worlds of Fun is willing to spend considerable money to improve the wooden track.

© Google Maps
For comparison purposes, here is an aerial of Timber Wolf from Google, showing the helix that will be removed on the lower left.  The turn that will replace it will of course shorten the length of the ride a bit, but in this case it seems totally worth it.