Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hersheypark's Large Waterpark Expansion Nearly Complete

© Hersheypark
Hersheypark is working on a major expansion to The Boardwalk for 2018, the park's full water park experience.  The expansion contains two new attractions - Breakers Edge, a water roller coaster, and Whitecap Racer, a large multi-lane mat racing slide.  Both are being placed at the far edge of The Boardwalk, partially over existing attractions and also in some unused space.

The theme park has already installed most of the Breakers Edge slide, seen above, which now serves as a nice background for the wave pool.

© Hersheypark
This aerial of the expansion area shows how the park was able to fit two very large water park attractions in limited space.  When the photo was taken most of Breakers Edge was installed, the purple and blue slide that can be seen.  That will utilize the old station from Roller Soaker, an inverted family coaster that was removed after 2012.

If you look closely you can also see the support structure for Whitecap Racer standing in the very bottom left of the image.  That tower is going up in previously undeveloped space, a rather smart way to use a thin strip of free land.

© Hersheypark
Most recently, the slide pieces for Whitecap Racer have started to be installed.  The colorful pieces will make up a long layout for a mat racer, in fact the longest in the world according to the park.  There will be a total of six lanes, with each path moving through two large horizontal "looping tunnels" with a series of downward hills in between.

The expansion of The Boardwalk will really help in the capacity department, something that will be warmly welcomed by guests as the water park at Hersheypark is extremely popular during the summer months.