Saturday, January 27, 2018

Six Flags Over Georgia's Twisted Cyclone Reaches Major Construction Milestone

Working steadily through the winter months, Six Flags Over Georgia recently hit a major milestone in the construction of Twisted Cyclone.  The renovation of the wooden Georgia Cyclone into the steel-tracked Twisted Cyclone features a maximum height of 100 feet, and last week those track pieces were installed.

The park released this video of the occasion:
From the views available in the video it appears as though most of the coaster's supports have been modified to fit the new layout.

© Six Flags Over Georgia
Originally I thought that Twisted Cyclone's supports were going to be painted a bright white, but in this photo it appears as though it might actually be a light gray color.  Either way, the blue track looks great atop it.

© Six Flags Over Georgia
Twisted Cyclone will feature 2,400 feet of track and maximum speeds of 50 miles per hour, fully inverting riders three times during the course.  Two of those inversions will take place right after the first drop, back to back barrel rolls that will sit on top of the structure that can be see in the above photo.  There will also be a horizontal wave turn and a heartline roll during the ride.

As a refresher, here is an animated ride on the coaster: