Monday, January 8, 2018

Alton Towers Announces Wicker Man - New for 2018 Wooden Coaster

© Alton Towers
While it is no surprise that Alton Towers is building a new wooden roller coaster, the theme park has finally released details on the ride and its official name - Wicker Man.

Built by Great Coasters International, Wicker Man will feature 2,028 feet of traditional wooden track and be the UK's first new wooden roller coaster is 21 years.  Featuring an elaborate theme, the park is marketing the coaster as the first to combine "wood and fire" throughout the experience.

© Alton Towers
As the trains roar around the course they will pass through a giant 57 and a half foot tall Wicker Man statue three separate times.  This statue is the main feature of the ride's theming, and can be seen prominently in this concept art.  The park's materials for the ride state that the statue will "appear to burst into flames" as the trains pass through it.  No other statistics for the coaster were released at this point.

The theming of the ride centers around "The Beornen, a shadowy group living in the woods surrounding the theme park."  This video, featuring the park's Creative Lead on the project, explains more:

  While these images are a couple months old, this update from Towers Times shows Wicker Man in a nearly complete construction status.  The coaster has a twisted layout that is built into the side of a hill, and has a unique covered section after the lift and before the ride's largest drop.