Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Europa Park Gives Eurosat Coaster a Festive French Makeover + VR Option

© Europa Park
Europa Park's famous Eurosat roller coaster, which takes place indoors in a giant globe much like what can be seen at Epcot, is receiving a heavy refurbishment during this winter.  In fact, the park is totally replacing the roller coaster's track, which has been in operation since 1989.  The track will be very similar to the original layout, according to the park.

The popular German park is taking advantage of replacing the track to also give the ride a new French theme, now calling the attraction Eurosat - The CanCan Coaster.  The theme evokes the famous Moulin Rouge theater in Paris, with which the park has signed an official licensing agreement.  The entire outside of the attraction (on the French themed side of the building) will be totally redone, complete with support structures that mimic those of the Eiffel Tower.

Once inside the appropriately Moulin Rouge themed queue, guests will board new trains that send them off on a thrilling journey through the nighttime sights of Paris.

© Europa Park
Europa Park is also exploring the virtual reality option that has become popular at many parks.  They are going to feature a virtual reality experience on Eurosat Coastiality, a second version of the new ride.  While the same track layout will be utilized, the VR version will features its own station and theme (seen above) to keep it separate from the CanCan Coaster version.  This will allow for trains with virtual reality riders to not interrupt the normal operations of the ride, which is very smart of the park.