Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Universal Orlando Shares First Look Inside Volcano Bay

© Universal Orlando
It is hard to believe that after all the speculation and guessing about whether or not Universal Orlando was going to pull the trigger on a brand new water park, we're finally just a couple weeks away from the grand opening.  Set to have the public enter for the first time on May 25th, Volcano Bay has been revealed from the inside for the first time.

Granted we've seen many aerial photos of the park's development on social media, so we've probably all had a good look so far, even those shots didn't do the park the justice it deserves.  It's beautiful!

© Universal Orlando
The park aims to make visitors feel as if they're on a "tropical getaway," and from these photos that looks like a big success.  The park's central feature is Krakatau, a giant volcano that stands 200 feet above the park's 30 acres.  Visitors can choose to totally relax during the day, or take part in many fun slides and attractions.

© Universal Orlando
Universal has packed plenty in Volcano Bay, offering 18 different water slides, a gigantic wave pool, a lazy river, action river, and several play areas - and more.  Zeroing in on the relaxation aspect, there are tons of places to lounge, including sandy beaches, along with a plethora of private cabanas to rent.

A first impression of the park and its offerings can be found, along with some photos, on CNN's Travel site.  The story is filled with details on the efforts that went into creating the park, and is worth checking out if you're interested in the park.

I'm looking forward to copious amounts of coverage to hit the web in just a couple weeks, I have a feeling there's still plenty more to see!