Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cedar Fair + Erie County Planning For Major Sports Force Park Expansion

© Sports Facility Management / Cedar Fair
Cedar Fair and Erie County are in the planning stages of a major $28 million addition to the recently opened Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center.  The expansion would consist of a huge indoor recreation building aimed at being able to host more youth sport tournaments.

The structure would be 185,000 square feet and be able to host tournaments year round, which will bring more visitors to the Sandusky area.  Cedar Fair has a vested interest in the development as it works alongside the existing Cedar Point Sports Center to offer groups admission tickets, and their hotels are a natural fit for tournament visitors as well.

© Sports Facility Management / Cedar Fair
The new facility would be paid for in part by Cedar Fair ($5 million), and they would also assume any risk of operating losses.  The rest of the funds would come from the area's "bed tax," an occupancy tax on hotel rooms.

Inside the structure would be an open space large enough for 10 basketball courts, or 20 volleyball courts.  There will be plenty of seating for guests, an indoor walking trail, sports medicine facility, event space for functions and a community recreation center.

If approved during the summer months, the project could open as soon as 2019.  Cedar Fair has already stated that they are looking at similar public/private partnerships to build similar outdoor Sports Parks at some of their other properties.