Monday, May 29, 2017

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Opens New Wonder Woman Themed Thrill Ride

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Brand new extreme thrills are now waiting for guests at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, with the theme park having opened Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth to the public this holiday weekend.  The giant pendulum style ride has changed the park's skyline forever and fits in nicely with its Superman and Joker themed neighboring coaster rides.  The sheer size of the ride is intimidating, and it only goes higher once the ride cycle begins!

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
“Get ready for a thrilling, wild new ride that will exceed all expectations,” said Don McCoy, park president. “Imagine propelling through the air, while concurrently spinning and reaching great heights at the same time. We welcome this iconic Super Hero to our growing line-up of DC- branded attractions.”

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth is able to seat 40 riders per ride cycle facing outward on a giant ring that sits at the end of the pendulum.  Once the cycle begins the ring starts to rotate as the pendulum starts swinging back and forth.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
As the ride carriage swings higher and faster the extreme thrills begin, giving riders moments of weightlessness as they go.  The ride can reach speeds of approaching 70 miles per hour and reach 147 feet above the park.  The new attraction is themed after Wonder Woman, "the world’s most iconic female DC Super Hero" who is the "embodiment of justice, equality and peace; and a symbol of female empowerment, as she fights to seek for justice."