Monday, May 15, 2017

Casino Pier's New Hydrus Roller Coaster Now Thrilling Riders

© Casino Pier
The newest coaster on the Jersey Shore is now plunging, looping and twisting riders at Casino Pier.  Hydra opened the weekend before last, and is already a hit among visitors to the park.

We've covered the ride pretty often here, but one aspect of the coaster that I hadn't noticed is the awesome logo signs that went up on the station.  Above is a shot of one of the 3-D signs, these look awesome!

© Casino Pier
Hydrus was created by Gerstlauer and is one of their compact Euro-Fighter designs.  Known as the model 320, the coaster features a vertical lift hill to 72 feet in the air, a beyond vertical (97 degree) plunge and speeds of 45 miles per hour.  Riders are treated to several elements and inversions in quick succession, including a signature vertical loop, a cutback turn and an extended heartline roll.  The ride is fast and action packed from start to finish.

CoasterForce was on site for the ride's opening and posted some great off-ride footage, embedded below.  Looks like a fun ride, congratulations to Casino Pier on the addition!