Monday, May 1, 2017

Grona Lund Opens Ikaros - New 310 Foot Tall Face-First Free Fall

© Grona Lund
Sweden's Grona Lund amusement park has opened Ikaros, a brand new face-first free fall ride that's only the second of its kind on the planet.

Created by Intamin, Ikaros is one of the company's "Sky Fall" rides, the first of which opened at Busch Gardens Tampa a couple years ago.  Ikaros features a square tower that has two operational sides, each of which accommodates one 8-passenger car.

© Grona Lund
This is an older construction photo of Ikaros when the golden sun top piece was placed - it gives a view of the city below that riders will also have when paused at the top of the 310 foot tall tower.  Beautiful views!  At that point the cars will shift so that riders move 90 degrees and face down...then they drop at speeds approaching 60 miles per hour.  The cars will switch back up 90 degrees before they reach the ground, giving a comfortable end to the ride.

This promotional video was created by the park to showcase what an experience on Ikaros is like.  I haven't been able to try out a free fall like this yet, and have to say it's intimidating to think about but I would be happy to take on the challenge!  Here's to more of these wild rides opening up in the future.