Monday, April 17, 2017

New Virtual Ride Shows Off Liseberg's New For 2018 B&M Dive Coaster

Back in October Sweden's Liseberg made a big announcement of new rides over their 2017 and 2018 seasons.  New this year is a giant pendulum ride, Loke, which is already standing at the park.  Perhaps more interesting to coaster fans was the announcement of Valkyria, a new B&M dive coaster that will open in 2018.

At the time of the announcement several concept art images and statistics were revealed, but much of the ride was still a mystery.  Now Liseberg has released more details - like the aerial view of the ride above - and an even newer animated point of view video of the coaster.  Care to take a ride?

Valkyria will begin with a steep lift hill that takes trains to 154 feet in the air, followed by a 90 degree right turn to the start of the 164 foot vertical plunge into a tunnel.  The trains will speed at 65 miles per hour up into a giant Immelmann inversion, followed by a sweeping turn to the ride and into the second half of the ride.  Next is a large zero-g roll, a helix and finally a slow and sweeping heartline roll before the turn into the brakes.  When all is said and done riders will have covered 2,296 feet of track.

Liseberg recently premiered a sprawling double-launch Mack coaster, Helix, and was already home to hits like Balder, an intense Intamin wood coaster and Lisebergbanan, a classic terrain Schwarzkopf coaster.  The park is crafting quite a selection of rides!


-T- said...

Good to know to enthusiast that Kanonen will be sold to another park because of these additions :)