Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kraken Unleashed Invades SeaWorld Orlando This June

Previously announced, SeaWorld Orlando has revealed additional details on the addition of virtual reality to their popular Kraken B&M floorless roller coaster.  Firstly, the ride's official name will be Kraken Unleashed, previously the attraction was just being called Kraken VR.

Set to open on June 16th, riders will be able to wear virtual reality headsets and plunge into a world ruled by the Kraken who is fiercely trying to defend the legendary city of Atlantis.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Riders will encounter many different real and imagined creatures on their journey, pictured above are some mean looking crabs found in an underwater lava field.  The theme park has connected both Kraken Unleashed and Journey to Atlantis through storytelling; the Kraken has been reimagined as a giant squid-like creature that wants to keep riders away from the city at any cost.  That is the main theme of the virtual reality experience, with several intense interactions with the Kraken planned.

As with similar virtual reality roller coasters, the virtual world will sync up with the physical movements of the trains, so for instance a virtual plunge will take place on the coaster's 144 foot first drop.

© SeaWorld Orlando
This post from Inside The Magic has some great details on the experience as well, including an interview with the park's designer.  There has been a lot of careful attention put into the creation of the virtual world, and I'm looking forward to see how it is received by guests.

SeaWorld Orlando has also made it clear that Kraken can still be ridden without the VR headset, should the guest choose so.  They also hinted at, but gave no details for, a new ride reservation system to eliminate waiting in a traditional queue for Kraken Unleashed.