Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Gives a Name to its 2018 Launched Coaster

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been hard at work on their new for 2018 roller coaster since last fall, and today announced that the ride will be known simply as Icon.  The name is simple, but powerful, and helps enforce the park's belief that it will be one of the most iconic roller coasters ever built.  The coaster is the largest project that Blackpool has ever taken on, and it will interact with the park's other rides 15 times throughout its layout.  Blackpool is known for having a great amount of rides packed into a small space, so to build a ride of this size is no small undertaking.

Icon is being built by Mack Rides and will feature two LSM launches, one to start the coaster and one halfway through the ride.  The twisted layout stretches 3,750 feet and features elements such as an Immelman, an in-line roll and two tunnels.  The maximum height Icon will hit is 89 feet above the park, and trains will zoom at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

To celebrate the announcement of the Icon name, Blackpool has also released a new teaser video.  It shows not only some of the recent construction work, but also hints that the ride may have an Asian-inspired theme when complete.  Check it out below.