Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Checking In On Canada's Wonderland's New For 2017 Rides and Slides

© Canada's Wonderland
With opening day now less than a week away, Canada's Wonderland is ramping up the excitement for their new attractions by sharing some official photos of what's new.   

Above is the theme park's new thrill ride, known as Soaring Timbers, which looks pretty much ready to go.  The first of its kind in North America, Soaring Timbers is one of Mondial's "Inferno" rides, which spins passengers on two giant gondolas up to 66 feet in the air.

© Canada's Wonderland
There's several different degrees of rotation that the gondolas are capable of moving in, so it's a pretty safe bet that riders won't know which way is up while on the attraction.  These photos also show how nicely themed the area around Soaring Timbers is, complete with a nice waterfall built into the landscaping.  Canada's Wonderland is known for their somewhat exotic selection of flat rides, and Soaring Timbers only solidifies that reputation in my book.

© Canada's Wonderland
Splash Works, Canada's Wonderland's water park, is also opening a new slide tower this summer, named Muskoka Plunge.  The photos shared by the park show that this one still has quite a bit of construction left - but that's okay because the water park doesn't open for a while yet.

Muskoka Plunge will feature 4 trap-door style launch tubes that drop sliders into a free fall and down through the slide.  It has been reported by Screamscape that the attraction is being built by Splashtacular, one of their DrenalineDrop towers.  I believe that Six Flags installed a couple of these a few years back.  Should be neat to see the complete slide structure!

The park officially opens on April 30th, which is the general public's first chance to try out Soaring Timbers.