Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Gives a Look at the Making of InvadR

It won't be long until we are all able to take our first spin on Busch Gardens Williamsburg's first-ever wooden roller coaster, InvadR, with the coaster opening this coming weekend.  Leading up to that exciting day, the theme park has released a really neat 'making of' video about the design and construction of the ride.

The addition of InvadR is sure to liven up the usually quiet New France section of the park.  The coaster now weaves its way both under and over the park's log flume, and has a couple passes over the park's train track as well.

The video shows all the effort that went into creating the ride, and the intricate backstory and theming that has been applied to both the ride and its surroundings.  We got some more details on that as well in Scott and Carol's recent story on the attraction.  Plus the video provides some awesome aerial footage of the ride that we haven't seen yet.

Hopefully all that are planning on visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg this coming weekend to try out InvadR have a great time, it looks like a wonderful attraction.