Thursday, March 2, 2017

Worlds of Fun 2017 Expansion Updates

© Bleck & Bleck Architects
With the end of the off-season starting to show on the horizon, Worlds of Fun is busy completing several 2017 projects, one of which is an entirely new main entrance.  The new gate has been designed by Bleck & Bleck Architects, and they shared a few recent photos of the plaza on social media.

The top photo here is of the new turnstile structure, which guests will pass through and enter the park.  Beyond it is one of the park's maintenance buildings, and then the parking lots.  The brand new catering pavilion will be located off to the right of this shot.

© Bleck & Bleck Architects
Here's another photo of the turnstiles, with Patriot standing in the background.  You can get a good idea of the theming that is going into the entrance.  Behind it is another new building, which may contain guest relations or something along those lines.  I love the look of the structures so far!

© Worlds of Fun
Worlds of Fun will also add two new rides to the park for 2017.  Above is a photo of the now-installed base for Mustang Runner, a Trokia flat ride.  The park has also completed the base for Falcon's Flight, as seen in this photo.  Both new rides are "classics," moved from other parks so that a new generation of guests can enjoy them.

Worlds of Fun will open for their 2017 season on April 14th, and later in 2017 visitors will be able to enjoy the park's first ever Winterfest holiday celebration.