Saturday, March 11, 2017

Additional Joker Free Spin Coaster Updates from Six Flags

There will be a total of three new Joker free spin coasters opening at Six Flags parks in 2017, and we've already seen that the instillation at Six Flags Over Texas is complete.  But how about the other two?  Well, they are moving along quickly as well.

Six Flags Great America just topped off their new Joker coaster a few weeks ago, marking the end of vertical construction on the new ride.  The park shared the above video from the occasion, showing more views of the Joker in its new home.  The ride will be located in the Yankee Harbor themed area at Six Flags Great America.

© Six Flags New England
Six Flags New England is the third park that will open a Joker coaster this year.  They are still actively building the coaster, sharing the above photo just today.  There's still plenty of ride left to be put up, but wow how those colors pop!  The Joker will be located in the park's South End area, not too far away from their Batman themed ride.

All three of the new rides will send passengers on a trip that starts with a 120 foot vertical lift, followed by a series of undulating track elements and vertical drops that make the cars flip riders along the way.