Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Concept Art Shows Off Canada's Wonderland's 2017 Attractions

© Canada's Wonderland
This week we are getting our first look at some concept art created for Canada's Wonerland's two new additions for 2017.  The expansions were announced at the end of last summer, but with no real artwork at the time to show off what was coming.

The park has added the new images to their social media accounts and official website.

Above is art for Soaring Timbers, a high-thrill flat ride whose trade name is Inferno and is manufactured by Mondial - it will be the first of its kind in North America.  The ride will have a brown/green color scheme to fit in with its woodsy theme.

© Canada's Wonderland
Canada's Wonerland also announced a water park addition for 2017, to be known as Muskoka Plunge.  The name and some general statistics (drop-floor slides standing around 60 feet tall) were all we had last summer, so this art is our first good look at what is coming.

It appears as Muskoka Plunge will be a custom tower for the park, not a clone of one of the other slide towers we've seen recently installed at Cedar Fair parks.  The four slides will feature blue and green colors, and what looks like translucent tube for some of the way down.  As expected, the slides will feature a couple twists and turns each before the long run-out.

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the completed attractions later this year!