Friday, March 3, 2017

New Aerial Photos Show Work on Silver Dollar City's 2018 Ride

A brand new ride, which is highly suspected to be a roller coaster, has been under construction at Silver Dollar City for some months now.  A local news outlet has taken some aerial photos of the work and posted them, giving us a nice look at the site.

Located near the park's amphitheater, which is built on a very steep hill, the new ride will utilize a station that is perched at the top of the hill.  The valley below the station (which you can see standing in the photos) is also used by Thunderation, a wild Arrow mine train.  From the layout of already poured footers it looks like the ride will take that steep terrain to its advantage, crossing over the valley below several times.

The news article has some information from the park regarding the addition, but it is very limited and somewhat cryptic for now.  They are saying that the ride is the "single biggest thing ever done" at the theme park.  So we're certainly not expecting a small ride here!

You can also see recent photos of the ride's work posted on MidwestInfoguide.