Sunday, March 5, 2017

Premier Rides' Designed "Hype" Going up at Särkänniemi

Despite freezing cold temperatures in Finland, crews are working steadily to build Hype at Särkänniemi Amusement Park.  The triple-launch roller coaster was kept a closely guarded secret until just recently, when the park started to put the ride's steel pieces together.

© Premier Rides
Hype is one of Premier Rides' Sky Rocket II designs, known for its 150 foot tall heartline roll and multiple launches.  The coaster's train is first launched forward up to about 50 feet, then after falling backward it is launched again backward up to about 100 feet in the air.  The train then is launched through the station a third time where it turns 180 degrees as it heads up to the 150 foot high point (seen in the photo above).  The trains then move through a slow heartline roll, a vertical drop and a non-inverting loop element.

“All of us at Premier Rides are so honored to have teamed up with Särkänniemi to deliver an amazing roller coaster,” commented Jim Seay, president of Premier Rides. “Hype incorporates our newest technologies including our most advanced magnetic launch system that will create the Nordic Region’s first triple-launch experience and the highest inversion in the region as well!”

Seay added, “Premier is especially proud that the ride is already going vertical and will be able to open on schedule which will allow thrill-seekers to see what the Hype is all about! Exceeding expectations means a lot to Premier!”

Hype will be the first major new roller coaster at Särkänniemi in more than a decade and is the single largest project they have ever completed.