Sunday, December 18, 2016

New Replacement Vehicles for Land/Boat Tours

One of the things we have enjoyed here in the United States is Ride The Ducks tours in various locations. There is something about leaving the driving to someone else while quacking like a duck that is fun and relaxing. Overseas, the equivalent in Splash City Tours, where when you put on the Viking helmet, as conquerors, you are allowed to yell at your new "oppressed minions." While the original boats were utilized there during World War II, now it's time for an update. Des Rogers explains in this video from IAAPA:

Hopefully, you caught the part about how efficient the workers are, during the stop action part of the video. It's understated humor at its best. As a first-time exhibitor at time IAAPA Expo, it was an educational experience about the wide range of licensing requirements for the industry, and the challenges facing the migration to updated vehicles. You can find more information about the new Salamander vehicles here. And if you are lucky enough to be going to either Dublin or London, you can find more information about their tour operations. Just another one of the many things seen at IAAPA Expo 2016.