Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Celebration at the Falcon Creative Booth

Falcon Creative had a big celebration at their booth on the show floor at IAAPA Expo. Anytime you can bring in an astronaut to recreate a grand opening, it is bound to attract a crowd. This was no exception. Jon McBride, who piloted Challenger back in 1984 on STS-41 G, which among other things, proved the concept of refuelling satellites with the orbiters.

This project was very important to Falcon, so much that they formed a new division to complete it. Here is a video with the executive producers:

Here is a couple of photos of the completed project, inside and out.

Falcon also sponsored a tour, complete with lunch, of the project on the last day of the IAAPA Expo, but since we had attended the grand opening the previous week, we elected to pass. Here is a video of the booth event, and the enthusiasm generated by those in attendance:

Congratulations to Flacon and the Kennedy Space Visitors Center. Several years in development, the end result is nothing short of amazing, and it is a true legacy to heroes from all walks of life.