Thursday, December 8, 2016

Energylandia to Build Europe's Tallest Mega Roller Coaster in 2018

If you're unfamiliar with Energylandia, well you're not alone - I saw news of the park building a massive roller coaster for 2018 but my first thought was, "what's Energylandia?!"  The park is the largest amusement park in Poland, and just opened in the middle of 2014.  It has expanded quickly, however, adding new rides each year, often multiple in one season.  The park already has 7 roller coasters open, with 3 (yes three) more opening in 2017.

But the park has already announced that they will build that tallest Mega roller coaster in Europe - designed by Intamin - for 2018.  The announcement came with this video, which shows off the ride in detail:

The new ride will stand 253 feet tall, feature a 266 foot, 85 degree first drop into a dark tunnel and a maximum speed of 87 miles per hour.  The layout includes plenty of air-time hills, a diving turn-around plunge along with several high-speed, low to the ground elements.  There's a twisted finale along with a water-splash to end the ride.

This certainly looks like another highlight to an ever-growing list of already announced 2018 roller coasters - it is shaping up to be quite a year for coaster fans!