Friday, December 9, 2016

Fun Spot America Kissimmee Surprises with New Wooden Coaster in 2017

© Fun Spot America
Fun Spot America, located in Kissimmee, Florida, has surprised us all with the announcement of a brand new wooden roller coaster for Summer 2017.   The new coaster will feature one inversion and is being designed by The Gravity Group at a cost of $6 million.

The ride will feature a tight layout that crosses over itself several times, and includes a steep first plunge down directly into a 360 degree barrel roll.  Before the ride is complete there will be 11 different moments of air-time provided on the coaster.

© Fun Spot America
As far as hard statistics go, the ride is fairly large for a park of this size, and a bit larger than the Great Coasters design operating at the Fun Spot America Orlando park.  The lift hill stands 82 feet tall, and the first drop is 80.5 feet long.  The top speed will be 48.5 miles per hour, the maximum banking angle is 115 degrees, and the track extends a total of 2,256 feet.  The addition of the roller coaster, which will be named at a later date, will add 50 construction jobs to the park and then once open 20 more full time positions.

Are you ready for a ride?  Check out the video below!