Friday, December 16, 2016

Fun Spot America - Orlando - Brings Virtual Reality Coaster Experience to Visitors

A brand new virtual reality experience has opened today at Fun Spot America in Orlando, Florida, on the park's Freedom Flyer roller coaster.  The inverted family coaster, manufactured by Vekoma, will have at least four of the train's seats available to riders who want to enter a new world while they zoom around the course.  The park is not charging any additional fee for riders who wish to wear the headsets.

© Fun Spot America
The ride's virtual world will include "an overgrown city, a battle, robotic life forms and an appearance by the Freedom Flyer character," (above) according to this news story.  The virtual reality experience was provided by VR Coaster, the company that has also been behind the recent virtual additions at many Six Flags parks, among others.  The park says that the experience is seamless and timed perfectly to the ride's layout, offering a comfortable ride that has received great feedback during testing.