Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The End of the Line for the New Miracle Strip @ Pier Park

It appears as though the fate of the new Miracle Strip Amusement Park @ Pier Park has been sealed, as well known used ride seller Rides4U is now holding a silent auction for all of its rides and attractions.

The amusement park closed early for the year at the end of the Summer, and then rumors began of the park's debts - which turned out to be true - and a new operator was even mentioned that wanted to build a large observation wheel.  It would appear that that plan did not work out, and the park operators had eviction actions started against them as well - they didn't own the land the park was on, just leased it.

While a sad end to the short lived park, the silent auction that is currently being held is a bit of a gem.  Miracle Strip @ Pier Park was a collector of classic amusement attractions, and put much time and care into restoring the rides.  The above flyer shows all that is up for auction, but Rides4U also has a full page up with details.  Attractions include several Allen Herschell rides, parts of the classic Starliner wooden roller coaster, an Eli Bridge wheel and an Eyerly Loop-O-Plane and Rock-O-Plane.

Parks such as Knoebels, or smaller ones looking to expand, or heck even Cedar Fair (who is said to be scouting for classic attractions) should take notice of the auction.  It will run through February 22nd, and all rides and attractions must be moved off the site by the 29th.

To look back at the short life of this park, scroll though the stories we've published which include a talk with the owners ahead of the grand opening, and even plans for a recreated Starliner wooden coaster.