Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cedar Point Reportedly Removing Shoot The Rapids Before 2016 Season Start

The Sandusky Register is reporting that Cedar Point has started the removal process of Shoot The Rapids, the park's more modern take on a traditional flume ride.  The article, posted this afternoon, states that deconstruction of the ride just started this Tuesday.

© Cedar Point
Shoot The Rapids opened in 2010 and was viewed by many as a replacement for White Water Landing, a traditional log flume that was removed in part of make room for Maverick.  Built by Intamin, the ride had some mechanical issues that may have led to high maintenance costs, as well as an incident in 2013 where a boat traveled backward down a lift hill.  Current Cedar Fair executive management has shown in the past that they are not afraid to remove older, costly rides to partially offset the addition of new ones.  This year Cedar Point is opening Valravn, a B&M dive coaster.

The Register article has a quote from Cedar Point in which they do not confirm or deny the removal of the ride, simply saying they haven't made any announcements about "changes" to their "current ride lineup."  One might assume if the ride was not being removed there would be no harm in the park confirming it was staying.  For now, at least, the Shoot The Rapids section of Cedar Point's webpage is still live.

If the removal is true the ride will have only operated at the park for six seasons.  Shoot The Rapids features an 85 foot lift hill and drop that sent ten passenger boats out across the central lagoon and onto Millennium Island.  The return trip included a second 45 foot tall lift with a drop (seen above) featuring elaborate waterfalls and rockwork.  Upon instillation the ride was reported to have cost $10.5 million.