Sunday, February 28, 2016

Intamin Reveals New LSM Launched Zac Spin Coaster Design

Known for thrilling roller coaster experiences, Intamin has released details for an exciting modification to its existing Zac Spin design.  To make an even more thrilling ride in and equally small space, the company has added a LSM launch to the Zac Spin layout to amplify the excitement levels of riders.  This new version is also larger than the previous Zac Spin rides that have been installed around the globe.

© Intamin
Here is an overall view of the ride's layout.  The coaster's design is certainly similar to that of S&S's Free Spin rides, only containing a launch at the start.  Intamin's version will stand 105 feet tall and have 995 feet of track.  It is being designed to utilize three trains each seating eight riders - the trains are able to be built with the seats facing forward, backward and even inward facing one another.  The ride cycle time of 120 seconds and a moving platform in the station gives a theoretical hourly capacity of 720 passengers.

© Intamin
The ride actually sounds like it will use a launch at first out of the station and part way up the first hill at about 23 miles per hour.  Then a LMS lift will actually continue the car upward, when a final LMS boost will take the cars up over the top at 25 miles per hour.  The rest of the ride will use gravity with a top speed of over 30 miles per hour.  Because of the initial lift launch there will be no need for evacuation stairs or loud anti-rollbacks, as the cars would return to the launch area if they needed to.

Intamin just put out the press release covering the new ride, so no word yet on when or if we may see one open.


Unknown said...

THink it kinda ruins the point, are they using RMC style rails too? Also, adding LSM launches? Sounds like more reasons to be broken down. That being said, Steel Pier is 5 hrs away from Six Flags who has an S+S free fly. It should absolutely get one of these. Or just clone Insane with the better cars.