Saturday, February 6, 2016

Darien Lake Planning New Water Slide + Ride of Steel Train for 2016 Season

© Darien Lake
Darien Lake's Splashtown water park is getting bigger again in 2016, as the theme park is planning to build a $1.5 million racing water slide for this Summer.  The park recently approached their local planning board to obtain the necessary approvals, and those documents shed light on what is in store.  Above is a sample drawing of one of Proslide's Kraken Racer slide towers that shows what to expect.  The six-lane mat racing slide features a twisted section before a final hill into the runout.

These colors are just example ones, however, as the photo in this more recent news story indicates a much brighter rainbow scheme.

© Darien Lake
The planning documents also include a couple aerial views showing off where the new racing slide will be located.  Splashtown has seen a significant amount of expansion in the past 5 years, greatly improving offerings and consolidating them into one area.  The new slide will be at the far end of the water park, helping to even out crowds.

© Darien Lake
Here is another view of the new attraction's location.  It appears to be replacing a separate entrance that was used for Splashtown, I'm not totally familiar if that was the case but it's certainly taking over that area!  The ride's name will be revealed this coming week.

Darien Lake will also be purchasing a brand new train for their Ride of Steel coaster, per the above linked news story.  It will replace the trains from when the ride opened in 1999 and provide a more comfortable ride experience.  It sounds like it will literally only be one train seating 36 riders, so it looks like two-train operation on the ride is still not happening.