Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mako's Layout Nearing Completion at SeaWorld Orlando

As seen in this video update from Thrill Geek, SeaWorld Orlando's new B&M roller coaster, Mako, is making great construction progress.  Since the last time we checked in, the ride's second turn was completed and now more recently, the third hill is going in.  The park is constructing the 'return' track at the same time as the 'outward' run, meaning probably 75% of all the track is now installed.

The park has also kept working on the coaster's station, and it appears as though track and supports for Mako's finale, a dive over the park's lagoon, are nearly ready to go in.  The skyline of SeaWorld Orlando is already dramatically changed, especially from the roads adjacent to the park.  Mako is acting like one heck of a billboard for the property!

For nearly daily construction photo updates, make sure to keep tabs on the Mako Madness facebook page as well.