Friday, February 17, 2012

Turning Tides at California's Great America

Now that the park is a "keeper," California's Great America seems to be gathering much attention inside the Cedar Fair chain of parks.

The cloud of uncertainty that hung over the park for the past two years has lifted, and with it went a feeling of doom and gloom that has been replaced by gallons of fresh paint and rumors of a major new attraction.

As for that paint, well, it seems the park is being spruced up left and right.  Cedar Fair parks have been seeing ride repaints each off season on a regular basis for years now, but CGA was left out of that - until now. 

The Columbia Carousel gets some tlc © California's Great America

This off season both the Flight Deck and Demon coasters are receiving shiny new paint jobs.  Both will retain their previous colors, with Demon black and red, and Flight Deck just a solid black.  Both coasters should really shine once completed, no longer shades of gray and pink.

As seen in the photo above, the park's double-decker Columbia Carousel is also receiving some very detailed new paint.  These projects not only help keep rides in their best shape, they also go a long way for showing customers that the park committed to being around.

But you're all thinking of that rumored major new ride, right?  The Funland Blog is reporting that the GCI wooden coaster that was to open in 2009 has been brought back to life, possibly to open as early as 2013.  The coaster would wrap around the park's observation tower during its first drop, then continue to twist and turn around in a tangled web of track.

Sign me up for a ride if it happens!  Glad to see the park getting some attention.