Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Saving Grace for Ghost Town in the Sky

The currently shuttered Ghost Town in the Sky theme park, located in Maggie Valley, NC, will have another chance at survival - and all thanks to one of the park's former owners.

Alaska Presley, who helped start the park some 50 years ago, has purchased the bank note on the property and plans to start working to get the park reopened.  Known for it's amazing location high atop a mountain, Ghost Town has a traditional feel but does features a selection of amusement rides.  Guests also enjoy a shoot out on main street and other Western activities while visiting.

The park still has to go to auction, actually taking place tomorrow, but apparently that is just a formality at this point.  That seems odd, but I'm no real estate law expert.  Ms. Presley hopes to be able to have a part of the park open by the end of this season - a true sign of her love and dedication to the property.


Dadtimes5 said...

Great! This park hold many fond memories for several generations of families. I had come across some brochures from when we took our children there in the early 1990's. Was saddened to learn of the park's closing. Thank you Mrs. Alaska Presley, I know there are plenty of folks cheering for your success! Hope to come when it opens.