Friday, February 17, 2012

Scott and Carol Present - A Look at Legoland Florida Part 2

After a bit of a delay, we finally bring you part two of our visit to Legoland Florida, hope it was worth the wait.

Even going through the queue allows for opportunities to burn off youthful energy by spinning the propeller, which can create a slight breeze for the rest of the line.

A standard Vekoma family inverted coaster, the aircraft theming adds a lot to the experience. Surprisingly, no leather flight helmets were available. If they are in the future, you heard it here first!

A nice aerial view, again from Island in the Sky, of the Flying School roller coaster in light blue in the background, and the Test Track roller coaster, darker blue, peeking out behind the trees.

These front seat rider took a while to totally let go on the coaster...

...but before they came back to the station they were enjoying the experience with reckless abandon. This obviously will not be that last coaster they experience together, Dad looks like he needs a few more rides.

The hugely popular Aquazone Wave Racers let you drive, and dodge water blasts all while you are cooling down form the Florida sun. A great combination.

Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, presides over the Imagination Zone.

Some creative minds design buildings and then test them on shaker tables to see how well they perform during simulated earthquakes.

While other build race cars and see whose car is faster.

There still is a water ski show, but now with Lego characters.

Much more difficult than your average jump, the kids seem to cheer louder with the new costumes.

The only Banyan tree in the continental United States still watches over the gardens.

An aerial view of miniland, where you can travel around the world in just 2 hours. Some Florida landmarks, such as the Kennedy Space Visitor Center and the Daytona International Speedway are included, along with Vegas, San Francisco, and international landmarks.

The Mall at Washington DC is one of the more recognizable landmarks.

Here is the view from outside the Island in the Sky. A really great place to watch the water ski shows, especially with the colorful costumes. Legoland Florida is mainly targeted towards families with age 2 to 12 year olds, but there is enough to do for the entire family.

Many thanks to Jackie Wallace and the entire crew at Legoland Florida for their hospitality. We will be back.