Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Invertigo... no Stinger... no, Invertigo?

© Kings Island

The painting of Invertigo at Kings Islands is just about compete and the ride now looks quite Stinger-ish.  Yes, the colors are the exact same, making the rides, which are already clones of each other, even more similar!  The final step could be changing Invertigo's name.

Here is Stinger for comparison.  All kidding aside I'm really glad that Cedar Fair is still spending the bucks to paint so many rides at all the parks each off-season.  Keeps them looking shiny and new!


Unknown said...

Wow, I cant tell he difference.....at all.

zacqua10 said...

Did you see the Stinger sign that Dorney posted the other day?

NewsPlusNotes said...

I did see the photo of the sign, it looks great. Dorney's Sign Shop does an amazing job.

I'm pretty sure that after the Paramount purchase they helped make signs for all those parks during the transition!

Zach Clapper said...

Don already said on Twitter they won't change the name.