Monday, February 27, 2012

A Park Concept Art Gold Mine

If you have some time you want to see disappear, then here's the perfect link for you to loose yourself in for a while.  It is the Flickr account of Robin Hall, and while I don't know much of his specific history it's pretty clear that he's spent a lot of time in the industry designing some of our favorite rides and attractions.

There's really a gold mine of content hidden among his many photo sets.  For instance, are you curious to see what an early version of Cedar Point's Camp Snoopy might have looked like?

Marine World, now Six Flags Discovery Kingdom once had some big plans proposed.  A Jungle Cruise, new entrance, detailed master plan, new rides, simulator and more!  The Ghost Ship haunted house attraction is especially interesting, along with the proposed Doom coaster.

Another gallery covers the drawings for a park named Knott's Landing in Sacramento.  I had never heard about this one until now!

The amount of content from Knott's Berry Farm is amazing.  Everything from GhostRider plans to a slew of never built attractions are pictured. I could go on and on about some of the concepts that were drawn up, but the photos speak better for themselves. Be sure not to miss the master plan for the resort that was created.

In addition, there's even some Camp Snoopy at Mall of America, Magic Mountain, and Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid work, too!