Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Dark Knight Details

The Republican ran an article yesterday that details some of Six Flags New England's plans for their new Dark Knight roller coaster for 2008.

The ride is going through approval process and so some details of the ride are leaking out.

The 12,245 sq. ft., 65 ft. tall building containing the ride will be placed in the spot of the former stunt show arena in the park's D.C. Comics area.

As for the outside of the building, here's what it is described as:

"The plans also state that the exterior of the building will be designed to appear like smaller city buildings, mimicking the fictional Gotham City of Batman fame. The drawings on file in the Planning and Community Development office show Gotham City Hall, Gotham Police, and the Wayne Industries tower. A billboard proclaims "Harvey Dent for Mayor," which references Gotham's new district attorney."

Sounds pretty cool if done well!