Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dorney Park Voodoo 11.11.07 Update

A very special thanks goes out to modernphoenixv2 for the photos in this update! They are much appreciated, as are all reader submissions!

Let's get started...

As you can see, the collection of parts for Voodoo in the parking lot is increasing. Some yellow track pieces have appeared, as well as a large selection of other parts.

Zoomed in - those look like the track pieces that were behind Steel Force before the park closed.

Some supports...

Some more support pieces. These look like the ones that are used for the station and launch track. I wonder though, what is that purple thing on the very left?

I blew it up a little bit. I really don't know what that is, and I'm interested because of it's color. I really want the shades of purple used in the ride's new website to be on the ride. I know they show it on the trains, but how cool would it be if it was the support color?

You can see those purple things again in this photo - what are they!?

A nice side view of the track and ride parts. Anyone know what those cream colored parts are?

Finally, a shot of the construction are for the ride.

Thanks again to modernphoenixv2!


Nagevmai said...

The purple thing is the freshly painted steel of one of the two passanger seats. (no actual seat buckets or padding yet)

Check out the new Voodoo Micro-site from the Voodoo ling on the front page of

NewsPlusNotes said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know what colors the ride's supports will be?