Thursday, November 1, 2007

October Poll Results

We had a total of 170 votes again in this month's poll. Sorta weird, I know, but it's not rigged I swear!

As you can see, Kings Island was voted the best former Paramount Park by a considerable majority. I suppose that makes sense, the property does have some die-hard fans and a balanced assortment of rides/attractions/entertainment/water park.

With a little less than half the number of votes Kings Islands received, Kings Dominion was next, followed by Canada's Wonderland. Both fitting results, I think.

Carowinds and Great America didn't do so well. Together they grabbed only 12 votes, and Great America actually accounted for 1% of all the votes.

Perhaps the recent new attractions announced for Great America will help it's popularity in the community? GCIIs tend to do that...

New poll will be up shortly!