Thursday, February 8, 2007

Quickie News Update (Kings Island & Discovery Kingdom)

This article, from the Contra Costa Times, has some info on Six Flags Discovery Kingdom that is worth mentioning.

In the list of "what's new," they have a February 28th announcement of a whole new themed area for childred.

Choo Choo! Here comes Thomas the Tank Engine. It had been rumored that Discovery Kingdom would receive one of these lands, and now I suppose you can bet on it.
This article, from the The Western Star, has some interesting tidbits about Kings Island:
"Kaiser (KI spokesperson) defended Cedar Fair's move and said that it is commonplace in the amusement park industry to move rides from one property to another. The move from Geauga Lake, which has about 750,000 visitors a year, to King Island, with more than three million visitors a year, will cost about $750,000 - far below what a new coaster would cost, Kaiser said."

"At Kings Island, the company will spend $10 million this year, with most of the money to restore the Son of Beast coaster and add an ice show."

What exactly is that $750k amount for, is that how much it's costing to ship the ride to the park? There's no way they are doing the foundations and such for that much. That's confusing. And are they really spending that much cash on Son of Beast? Yikes.