Friday, February 2, 2007

Dorney Park 2007 Brochure

It's up kids! This is like Christmas all over again for geeks like me!

First thing to notice, they are using the usual Dorney Park logo. None of that Cedar Fair style stuff. This is odd, and I can offer no explination. It makes me happy though. This two parks for the price of one logo from Geauga Lake a couple years back has proven quite popular this year...

Well there's some official confirmation of what we've all already known. How strange is it that they put it in the brochure without a name? I understand printing deadlines and such but that's just strange!

Also of note, with no photo needed (you can see it youself) - Halloweekend looks to NOT be expanded AGAIN this year! It this event ever going to get more capital?

Click Here to download it from DP's site.