Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dorney Zoning Request

Let's recap: Geauga boards have had rumors that point to Steel Venom having the final nail in its coffin being placed by Dorney. Then Cedar Fair confirms that Steel Venom will be moved to another park. A seemingly random rumor appears on Coasterbuzz that Dorney has filed for a new power supply for 2008. And now this...

South Whitehall Township has the agenda for it's next planning commission meeting online as of today. Cedar Fair has a request to "modify a prior amendment to the ... zoning ordinance." It seems they want to move two small areas that were rezoned for higher rides some years ago. Not far mind you, one will move 30 feet and the other 105 feet.

Something I did not know was online, and I'm grateful to the source who provided me with it, is this map of the park's current zoning:

I put a circle around the two "squares" that the parks wants to move the above mentioned amounts. You can position yourself on this image using Hamilton Blvd. on the bottom, Lincoln Ave. going up on the left-ish side, and Dorney Park road which is running right into the red circle.

Now, why would they want to move these two squares that have greater height limits? What would require just two small squares for high parts?

I think the writing is on the wall folks.