Monday, February 5, 2007

Geauga Lake 2007 Improvements

This article has a nice write up on Geauga Lake and it's current going-ons. Crain's Cleveland Business is a register to read site, but I think the article is worth it. I mean, I easily found in it what's new for 2007 at the park:

~ Doubled the number of cabanas for rent in the water park

~ New food and games (perhaps those little squares on the map where the Monorail was?)

~ "Sprucing" up for one of the park's main eateries

~ Palace Theater will have a magic show

~ Two thrill rides are getting paint jobs

~ "movie/simulator " is being rethemed - COOL!

~ One ride will have cameras in the seats for buy-a-video-of-your-ride sales

Sounds like they are taking further steps toward making a visit to the park even more enjoyable than before. Keep it up!