Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cedar Fair 2007 Tidbits from Eastcoaster

I was just looking at the photos of the slides from the presentations at ACE's Eastcoaster that was held at the start of this month. The photos are on Jason Hammon's site, Roller Coaster Freak, so all the credit for this stuff goes to him.

First here's the logo for Dorney Park's new slide, AquaRacer. I know it's not the best quality but at least it gives an idea of what they came up with until it ends up on their website or something.

Canada's Wonderland's additions are now official, they are adding new shows for 2007. They are adding the Endless Summer ice show like at Kings Island and Carowinds, the Dora Singalong, and the Twistin' to the 60s show that originated at Cedar Point.

Michigan's Adventure will be taking the year off, officially. Minor improvements in the park and the water tower for the park.

The name and logo of Great America's new wave pool is official. Great Barrier Reef has a logo that is somewhat similar to Tidal Wave Bay at Geauga and Kings Dominion. Still, it's nice to see it official. They haven't updated their web page yet and the park opens at the end of March. That seems sorta silly to me, at least that's my take on it.

Lastly, the new Parade that was mentioned for Cedar Point was totally on the slide advertising an extra weekend for Halloweekends at the point. This really, really leads me to believe they are going to put on some sort of Halloween Parade. I am very, very interested in seeing how this turns out.