Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Six Flags Bits

The Funland Blog has once again broke some interesting Six Flags Magic Mountain news - this time it's regarding the theming going into the park's new Terminator: Salvation coaster.

They're saying the park will spend an additional $1 million on theming the coaster, using audio and video that will feature the stars of the new mega movie of the same name.

Great move! I think it's important to do all they can to connect 'wood coaster' to 'Terminator franchise!' Plenty more details here.

Also, here's a really great article about Six Flags' recent usage of viral marketing to promote their theme parks' new ride and attractions. It covers all the work that was done for the Dark Knight coasters as well as the ongoing campaign for Six Flags New England and Six Flags Great Adventure's coaster makeovers.