Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get Wet in 2012... Maybe

A delayed project is better than a cancelled one, right?

I think so, and that's why I'm happy to see that the Las Vegas Wet project has updated their webpage to reflect their plans to try to open in 2012.

According to original estimates, the project would have opened this year, but a variety of reasons slowed things down and now the economy has pretty much frozen them. The plans call for a hotel, indoor skiing, huge water park, theme park, retail, dining, and more.

This recently news article also gives a little update on the project - and also points out an interesting fact about Vegas' former Wet'n'Wild water park. The company that owns the land that Wet'nWild was on "found that it was more profitable to lease the land to a developer for construction equipment storage than it was to rent to a water park operator, according to a company executive."

Isn't that awful! Storing cranes and supplies for all the hotel construction made them more cash then letting a water park operate.

That aside, though, I really hope that Las Vegas Wet sees the light of day sometime in the future.