Friday, March 27, 2009

Lake Compounce Water Park Expansion Delayed

Lake Compounce, in Bristol, CT, was counting on a $3.3 million government grant that would allow the theme park to greatly expand their water park with new slides and attractions.

The grant money would have been used to move Mt. Vernon Road 350 ft. to the east allowing the water park to expand by 6 acres. Here you can easily see how tight the water park is along that road:
But sadly, the grant was recently cancelled by the state's Governor along with around 300 others. Now the park is left with great expansion plans and no way to carry them out.

The park plans to express their concern over the cancelled grant, but general opinion is that the decision will not be easily reversed. What a bummer!

The park is adding to the water park this year however with the addition of the new "Tunnel Twisters" slide complex. They look like three enclosed Proslide tubes in nice bright colors. There's not much about them on the park's website, but you can see them on the new park map.

Although disappointing, I'm sure the park will persevere in the long run.